Monday, June 29, 2009

Katie's perspective

It all started on Friday, January 9th 2004. I got off work a little early at 7:30pm and headed over to my parents house where many guests were waiting for dinner. Matt was at home preparing for his "bachelor party". I was a little upset that I would not get to go out seeing I was a full (and I mean FULL) 8 months pregnant. I was greeted by many out of town guests. I just wanted to rest. My ankles were not cankles even, they were the size of my thighs. Ugh, retaining water and standing all day *so do not mix. I tried on my dress, just to be sure it fit. I didn't buy maternity, I just bought 2 full sizes above my pre-pregnancy self. It fit, snugly, but it fit. Traci and I posed for a picture and then I went to the bathroom. What the heck was going on? Was I going to pee for an hour...? Wait a minute! Its not stopping.
"mmoooooooooooooooommmm!!!" I had to ask her how you could be sure your water broke. She went and got me a new pair of pants and the phone. I called the OB and he said I needed to go to the nearest hospital. I called Matt and told him what was going on; too bad I joked earlier about pranking him with that very phone call: "oh honey, my water broke--you can't go out tonight". Maybe he detected the panic in my voice, or maybe he heard my mom scream "get your butt to the hospital NOW". We lived over 30 minutes away from my parents house. He was on his way and I had almost missed him. My mother then walks into the living room and announces that my water has broken. I have never heard such silence in my life! My sister, childhood friend, and future godmother to RJ all pile in a car and take me 5 minutes up the road to the Summerlin hospital. Through emergency they tell me to go upstairs to labor and delivery. The nurse checks me and tells me I am nearly 3cm dilated! I had no signs of labor 2 days prior at my appointment. They admit me immediately. I don't really remember all the details some days, my head was spinning. I could not believe what was happening. I was supposed to get married the next afternoon! Matt got there about an hour later, looking terribly green. We didn't expect to be parents right then and there, we had not registered or taken classes, it was scary.

I handled the contractions well for a while, and then the pitocin really kicked in and I demanded and epidural. It was the greatest thing EVER! I slept for a little while and then I remember my MIL and SIL getting there. The nurse said I was ready to push. 2 1/2 hours later I wasn't progressing. The nurse said "everyone come look" I had 5 people in the room not including Matt. When they started talking about a c-section I freaked out and pushed so hard, he nearly flew out (or so they said). The doctor could not find non-latex gloves (I am allergic, imagine how I found THAT out! ) and then he gave me the episiotomy. Richard Joseph (named after his grandfathers) was welcomed to the world at 7:31am on Saturday, January 10th 2004. There were quite a few other doctors and nurses in there at the time from out of no where. Matt cut the cord and I didn't see my baby again until 3pm. You know I thought I could be released and still make it to the wedding in 5 hours??? I laugh at myself now.

We tried to get a priest to marry us before RJ came, but no one would come. I contacted people at my job and told them there was a change of plans, that RJ had come early. I then called the pastor and she agreed to come to the hospital. The nurses and staff were all very supportive and wonderful. They got clearance for me to have all my visitors (immediate family and relatives) come to the hospital and attend my wedding. My mother brought me my dress and Matt brought make-up (which I did not wear) and my sister carried the cake, the nurses even let my dad smuggle in some champagne. It was the first ever "wedding" at that hospital. It was quite amazing and I am glad we went through with it anyway. My dad did not get to walk me down the aisle which sometimes hurts, but he did get to take me to see my son for the first time.

Matt did attend the reception at my parents house as planned and boy was it wild. Or, so I've heard. I had some visitors that night, Britainy and Traci stayed with me. Ana, Frank and Sara's best friend RJ all came to visit too.

My dad brought Matt back sometime late that night, stumbling drunk. He got up in the middle of the night and started peeing on his bed. Geeze! I directed him to the restroom and stripped his bed. He fell back asleep, but when he woke up in the morning he was pissed (pun intended) that they hadn't given him any blankets to sleep on... until I told him what really happened. I was released later that afternoon.

RJ was in the NICU for 6 days. He got to come home on Friday the 16th.

That's our story, and our lives have been so enriched and blessed for over 5 years now. We have even added another child, Aubrey in 2008.